A Good Omen

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10 x 10” acrylic on wooden panel. From the Flora and Fauna series created in Listowel, Ireland.

Original write up:
“Here in Ireland, crows are plentiful. I’ve literally seen more crows here on one walk than in my whole lifetime back home. Their caws and coos and clicks paint the background noise everywhere you go. In this culture, crows are associated with the goddess of death, war and destruction, Morrigan. In Japan, crows are a sign of heavenly intervention and seen as a good sign or blessing. It’s got me thinking about the current times. How what one country views as good, another sees as terrible. Crows are also super smart, like to collect shiny things (the shiny paper here from a candy wrapper at dinner with my dad), can count to 30 and can recognize faces and remember when people are kind to them or have wronged them. I think we have a lot in common with crows, just beings bringing good and bad news everywhere we go, collecting, counting and remembering.” ♥️